Gaming App Development

Gaming App Development

Ayaan India has a group of specialized game developers, designers, and animators to take you to the world of games. Thus, The promise to provide you entertainment and fun will cater to the inner gamer in you. Our experienced team has developed popular games and is one of the prominent contenders amongst the gaming circuit.

We provide our users with total insight into the game developing program. So, The steps we ensure that our users are well aware of are:

  • Pre-production
  • Pitch
  • Concept
  • Game Design Document
  • Production
  • Game Designing
  • Level Creation
  • Audio
  • Testing

The kind of developments that we create are: 

•Arcade Games- The kind of games we find in the malls, game zones like video games, pinball machines, as well as electromechanical games.

•Hybrid Games- Containing games of more than one genre to cater to your varied interests.

  • Developing games for IOS- Specially designed for your IOS phones.
  • Developing games for Android- Specially designed for several android users.
  • Unity based games- The high demands of 3D and 2D games ensuring the users have full entertainment.
  • Mobile simulation games- Considered the most popular one, the touch and swipe feature attracts users.
  • HTML5 games- Play free online with any browser of your choice.
  • Console games- The ones with a remote in hand and a screen right in front.
  • Player versus player- A one-on-one game which one plays online.
  • Real-time strategy games- Strategy-based games which include severe brainstorming.
  • Massively multiplayer online games- Games like ludo where multiple players play at the same time.
  • Multiplayer online battle arena games- The one with a console and multiple players online.

We not only provide an app for you to play games, but we make sure you enjoy a bug-free, innovative and satisfying play of the game. Thus, free tutorials along with free tests are provided for the users to get hands-on with the game. And if the user is not quite fond of it can certainly change to something else. For the Game developers, we provide an easy guide to follow. Our main aim is to provide fewer troubleshooting games with powerful monitoring and test automation. The service that we provide to our beneficiaries is regardless of time and fun. Our team ensures that the reason behind your gaming app development, the whole idea reaches your audience and inspires them.

So, Ayaan India is your go-to destination to play and develop games. Earn profit, satisfy the inner gamer in you, and thus, get the goal in life and inspire others.