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As the CEO of a mid-size healthcare company, it’s my responsibility to make a corporation that’s competitive, resilient and innovative, allowing us to successfully navigate during a complex and constantly changing environment. In order to realize this, we believe having the ability to accumulate , develop and retain dedicated and highly-skilled professionals, who work passionately together. We do this by offering our employees a climate of responsibility, accountability and respect where every employee has the chance to excel and develop to their full potential. One of my main tasks as CEO is to make sure that everybody knows their role and the way they contribute to the success of the corporate . The idea behind this venture is very clear , to make sure every last person is fed with the best quality medicine . Together with our top management, we develop strategies and communicate these to our employees in order that everyone understands the future goal of the corporate . I am confident that we’ll be ready to reach our goals step by step and meet the expectations of our stakeholders because… whatever we do… we roll in the hay with passion!
A. Shekhawat

Vision and Mission

Our belief is to keep customers happy and provide them with products at very competitive prices. Our motto is to not compromise on quality and services being provided to our customers. Our Staff has competent background and will guide you with the best ideas by keeping a constant touch with yourcompany.


Commitment to Innovation

Our company understands the technology and medicine in the health care industry is consistently progressing. Our team of experienced professionals stay current about the latest drug trends.

Drug Development and Testing

Our team is constantly keeping up with medical trends and technology and strive to find better ways to improve the health of our patients in an ever-changing industry.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Other drug developers will work with us to support clinical trials. We maintain the highest level safety when it comes to testing, manufacturing and transferring of products.

Our Commitments

We are committed to serve healthcare through empathy, innovation and technology. Our biggest assets are:

Human Values

We are a strong dedicated team and we work towards achieving common objectives of providing quality medicines and cost effective healthcare.


Moving ahead, we have to consistently set higher standards & benchmarks that will be world class.


We are committed & dedicated to ensure that everyone at Medora adheres to prescribed regulations, proper conduct and action maintained by correction and training & our responsibility towards environment.

We are pleased to offer you the chance to have the healthy

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