Eight Innovative Features to Make your Real Estate Apps Indispensable

8 Innovative Features for your Real Estate App - Promatics Technologies


Real estate is a booming industry, and realtors have never been under this pressure. Also, we have never seen this high demand for real estate app development because buyers, as well as sellers, are all online.


In recent years, 97% of customers used the internet to buy, sell, or rent a house/property, and 76% used mobile phones. Therefore, real estate companies are shifting their priorities and are willing to spend on valuable technology tools to keep up with the market demand and stay available for their potential clients.


However, launching a website or a mobile phone app is not enough because customers seem very invested in renting or selling the house while not wasting much time in their hectic routine. So, here are eight innovative features that can make real estate apps indispensable and a customer’s go-to choice. These features cover all the necessary aspects a customer might try while dealing with their property and finding everything under one umbrella seems valuable.



When we talk about real estate apps, AR or VR catches our attention. AR is Augmented technology that uses a real-world setting to showcase something while giving its vibe. Also, it allows users to control their presence in real-time, whereas VR is the opposite setting. VR is a virtual reality, and the system controls the virtues.


In simple words, AR is a technology that uses digital images to overlay objects on top of what you see in reality. By using AR you can see how a property looks inside and out, assess potential repairs or renovations, and even get a feel for the layout. With so many properties now available in AR, it’s become one of the most popular and demanding features on real estate apps. Most importantly, AR technology gives you the benefit of home touring in real time to make a better decision.


VR is another technology that can help you buy or sell a property. Instead of just seeing it from the outside, you can experience it from all angles. That can be great for people who are interested in buying but don’t want to take the time to tour a property in person. VR also makes it possible to feel like you’re inside a property, which can help you gauge size and layout.



In this fast-moving digitally paced world, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made their space and now transforming the vast array of industries. AI becomes a whole different and bigger concept with algorithms and data to stimulate human thinking capabilities and attitudes, including perception and problem-solving.


In addition, we assume ML is a subset of Artificial intelligence that has a category of “Limited Memory.” Several innovative features make AI and ML indispensable to your real estate app. Using these features, you can make your app more powerful and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.


One of the most important features is predictive analytics. Predictive analytics helps you better understand your customers and their habits, which can help you improve your marketing and sales strategies.


Another important feature is real-time bidding (RTB). RTB allows you to target ads specifically to users who are likely to be interested in what you have for sale. It saves you time and money, as you don’t have to spend money advertising to users who aren’t likely to be interested in what you have for sale.


You can also use facial recognition technology to identify potential buyers or sellers. It might help you to avoid wasting time and energy on users who aren’t likely to be interested in what you have for sale and are only there for scrolling through the properties.



IoT, the internet of things, has become advanced, especially within the real estate sector. Undoubtedly, technology is evolving rapidly, and so is our lifestyle. And the new technology has a significant impact on our daily lives and has the potential to change entire sectors, including the fast-moving commercial real estate.


The internet of things (IoT) is a growing trend in the real estate industry. It involves connecting different devices and objects together to create a system that can easily track and monitor other aspects of the property.


This system can improve security, help manage operations, and make the property more efficient. It might also raise the property’s value, making it a win-win for the seller. Besides, it can also help proprietors understand how their properties are being used and provide real-time feedback about how they can be further improved.


Hence, this additional innovative feature in the real estate apps can help both parties, buyer, and seller, to keep track of the properties, factors concerning the property, and its changing value over time. Buyers could be able to identify the repair requirements, and the seller can easily monitor and manage operations from the comfort of his couch.


Advanced Analytics

The smart real estate industry is growing rapidly as more and more people become interested in investing in property. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that analytics plays an increasingly important role in the business industry.


Adding advanced analytics tools to real estate apps helps agents and companies better understand their customers and habits. This valuable information piece can then be used to make better decisions about which properties to sell or lease, and it can also help identify potential problems early on. They can also discern which areas are growing in popularity and determine whether to invest in new properties or make marketing campaigns.


Additionally, by examining the current demand and property value, analytics can help landlords understand how much rent they are getting for their properties and whether they need to raise rents or cut costs. Using this tool and technique, smart real estate companies can outperform their competitors and create more satisfied customers in the long term.


Locality Review

One of the best ways to maximize the potential of your real estate app is by using this innovative feature that makes it indispensable for your clients. Here are three highlighting qualities that can help you increase sales and save time and money by adding this innovative technology tool to the app.


a.) Let Your Clients View Properties in Their Neighborhoods

If you have listings in multiple neighborhoods, letting your clients view properties in their local area can be a great way to help them find their dream homes. Not only will this save them time traveling between listings, but it will also provide them with insights about the homes that match their needs.


b.) Use GPS Coordinates to Locate Properties

If you have listings in multiple locations, having GPS coordinates for each can be incredibly helpful for clients looking at properties outside their normal neighborhoods. Not only does this make looking for a property faster and easier, but it can also pinpoint any safety concerns or issues with the property that you might not be aware of.
c.) Use Social Media Features to Connect with Prospects

Many properties are now being marketed through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Using these features to connect with potential buyers is a great way to increase your chances of selling a property quickly.


Repair Estimates

The real estate industry is constantly changing, and so are the repair estimates that come with it. Real estate apps now include the estimate for repair features to stay ahead of the curve. This way, buyers and sellers can get an idea of what needs to be done in order to maintain or enhance the property.


This feature may allow users to input information about the repairs that need to be done on the property, and then the app provides a repair estimate for each item. This information can be helpful for buyers who want to know what needs to be fixed before they make an offer on a property.


Not only does this helps to save money, but it also allows for a smooth transaction. So, better consider launching a real estate app with this innovative and valuable tool.


Future Price Predictor

These days, many exciting and innovative features can be added to real estate apps that make them indispensable for buyers and sellers. Among others, Future price predictors can be game-changing for your platform.

It uses big data and machine learning to predict home prices in a given area. Hence, this feature makes it easier for buyers and sellers to know what to expect when negotiating a purchase or sale. Also, it gives a rough idea to the customers about the current real estate market, which is pretty unpredictable.


Overall, these features make real estate apps more user-friendly and efficient making it easier for people of all ages and backgrounds to buy or sell homes and have an idea about the property in a respective area, so universal access is a huge benefit.


3D Planner via Camera

Have you ever considered creating a floor plan in real-time to provide a better understanding of a property and thus attract more potential buyers? But it is impossible with office meetings, right?


Well, it is not anymore. Adding an innovative feature, like a 3D planner via Camera in your real estate app, can turn the tables for your business.


The technology is definitely surprising because you can use your Android phone camera to scan and capture a space in real time, and the magic plan will create an effective floor plan. Using this, one can get the accurate dimensions for the room and match your requirements with the available space.



Importance of Real Estate Apps

Many different real estate apps can make your job as a real estate agent or property manager much easier. Apps allow users to locate properties, find homes for sale, and figure out estimated monthly payments from their mobile devices.


As a customer, Apps like these can save you time and money and help you keep up with the latest trends in the real estate market. Besides, here are the other potential benefits these apps might offer and force every realtor to invest in app development.


i.) A user-friendly app can help realtors and real estate companies increase their potential buyers.

ii.) Apps allow direct communication between sellers and buyers.

iii.) One can easily update data and inform potential customers without causing any disturbance.

iv.) The technology-rich real estate app saves time and costs for buyers to explore houses.

v.) Launching an app can help new real estate companies to increase their brand and raise awareness about their services.

vi.) An App can provide a real-time experience to watch, feel, and observe every property corner with a mobile phone.

vii.) Customers can also filter locations to find nearby houses and in different areas, along with their estimated prices.

viii.) Third-party realtors can also earn commission by listing their property within an app and targeting the right audience.


Bottom Line

Having a real estate app should not be limited to the communication process between sellers and buyers, but the companies can enjoy an increase in sales, continuous listing updates, raised property values, and much more by merely adding innovative but valuable features to the app.


This article gives you an idea about eight innovative features to make your real estate app indispensable, so you must try investing in them and enjoy the magic it brings.